The Bonsaigers x Kitaro World NFT is a special edition of 10 artworks based on the “Bonsaigers’ X 2022” poster, the first online bonsai exhibition ever created that will start on October . This really limited edition featuring Kitaro #6172, allows the owner to claim the physical poster in A2 format, printed in just 10 copies on premium paper.

Take part in the competition and become the next Bonsaigers’ Master.

After the success gained by the first edition, Bonsaigers’ X will be back this October!

Bonsai growers from all around the world will have the chance to compete against each other to decide who is going to be the next Bonsaigers’ Master.

The subscriptions are open now. Click the button below to join.


The love of Toto for the forest brought him to become part of it. After living in it for so long the exposure to the spores produced by the magic plants living here turned a simple Kitaro in the ultimate nature keeper. The legend says that some nights, when the moon shines the most, you can still see Toto wondering silently, hiding behind those trees the he likes to call family.


The artwork consist in a revised edition of this year’s “Bonsaigers’ X” official poster. The NFT will allow the owner of it to apply for receiving a physical copy of the piece printed on premium paper in A2 format, signed and numbered by the artist @DiottiLoris. The submission for the Limited Edition Poster will be granted to the token owners through aN exclusive form that will be showcased on the Opensea artwork’s page after purchase.



Bonsaigers’ target has always been to share the love for bonsai making on a large scale, especially to younger generations. The web3 movement in our opinion is a great way to mediate our message.

As our first NFT, this artwork consist not just in an historic moment for us, but will also allow the token older to access to exclusive features in the future.

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