A chance for anyone to showcase on a world stage.

Bonsaigers’ X was born during the pandemic to give a chance to growers to showcase their creations while all the exhibition were close due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Nowadays that everything came back to normal we continue the tradition.

If you are a bonsai grower, no matter where are you from you will be able to participate. There will be no need to travel or ship your tree anywhere. With the power of social medias and a simple picture your creation will be showcased to the world.

But what about the jury?

Bonsaigers’ X is a social exhibition, this means not just that the trees will be showcased on our social media but also that our followers will judge your creations.

How? Simple. After being randomly placed into a tournament the trees will compete with each other. The winner will then move to the next round until the finals where the ultimate winner will be chosen.

The voting process will be really simple. On our Instagram Stories we will show the two trees competing with a two buttons in between each other and you’ll just need to press the one corresponding to your favorite. Once you’ll choose the screen will show the amount of votes that each tree gained. The one that will get the most votes during a 24h span will pass to the next turn.

Lots of prizes for the winners… and the voters!

As last year we will reward the winners of the competition with amazing prizes.

The first three participants will have the chance to win clothing, artworks and accessories from our latest collections and more.

The ultimate winner, our new Bonsaigers’ Master, will bring home something unique, that has never been given to any competition of this kind before.

The Bonsaigers X’s final prize will be in fact a one of a kind piece in collaboration with the two leading Italian suiseki masters, Franco Mauri and Felice Colombari. This special artwork will be a mix of physical and digital art where, one of their stunning viewing stones will meet the latest technology in digital collectibles to create something that has never been seen before.

The grand prize it’s still a surprise and will be presented for the first time before the Bonsaigers X’s finals.

What about the voters?

As last year we want to give the chance also to the voters to win a prize.

Thanks to a raffle, one lucky voter will have the chance to be selected and bring home a Bonsaigers’ X Limited Edition Poster.

The only thing that you’ll need to do is vote your favorite trees during the competition. The more you’ll vote the more will be the possibilities to win.

Get ready!

The Bonsaigers’ X Prizes

1st place

Bonsaigers’ X Limited Edition Poster

Bonsaigers’ T-Shirt

Suiseki “The Cascade Hut”

2nd place

Bonsaigers’ X Limited Edition Poster

Bonsaigers’ T-Shirt

Hand-made Ceramic Pot by Eivind Ceramics

3rd place

Bonsaigers’ X Limited Edition Poster

Bonsaigers’ T-Shirt

The past edition of Bonsaigers’ X was incredible and we can’t wait to show you what we prepared for this one coming!


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